Slice of Life

Slice of Life

by Kevin Nam

I wake up every morning

Sitting at the table, eating

Thinking right there, wondering

What life is gonna give today

I head out on a stroll

With clothes and shoes and evreything

I see someone begging for alms

I give some, it wouldn’t hurt anyway

All these bad things I see

From the hidden side of the neighborhood

While on the visible side

People only speak of good things

I look at both sides

They have both different lives

The lighter ones always look at brightness

And the other feels like there is no hope

Is it too much to say?

That I’ve written something that may be

Over the top, it may seem

But this is the reality that appears to me

I go home and think

What the day has given me

I ponder and realize

I’m somewhere in the middle, but where do I go?

This is my slice of life

A roller coaster of emotions

That only goes anywhere

My slice of life

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