Slice of Life

Slice of Life

by Kevin Nam

I wake up every morning

Sitting at the table, eating

Thinking right there, wondering

What life is gonna give today

I head out on a stroll

With clothes and shoes and evreything

I see someone begging for alms

I give some, it wouldn’t hurt anyway

All these bad things I see

From the hidden side of the neighborhood

While on the visible side

People only speak of good things

I look at both sides

They have both different lives

The lighter ones always look at brightness

And the other feels like there is no hope

Is it too much to say?

That I’ve written something that may be

Over the top, it may seem

But this is the reality that appears to me

I go home and think

What the day has given me

I ponder and realize

I’m somewhere in the middle, but where do I go?

This is my slice of life

A roller coaster of emotions

That only goes anywhere

My slice of life

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Selfie. (eww)

Trends are eternal, ever-changing and evolving. They may be in the field of fashion, music, technology, whatsoever. The trend in discussion for this post falls under the field of photography, and maybe social media. This trend has actually been a “trend” (do the two-fingers bending thingy) ever since the camera was introduced to the world. And if you catch my drift, yes. I’m talking about the one, the only, SELFIE.

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TWERKING. (and why I don’t like it)

In a world where dancing is very popular that everybody does it, and whatever dance is very popular in social media or on TV and newspapers, people are sure to follow it.

There was the Treadmill, the YMCA, the Egyptian dance, the Shuffle, the Gangnam Style, the Harlem Shake, the Gentleman, and the latest addition to the never-ending list of cheap dance crazes – the Twerk.

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Meet Kevin

Hi. I am Kevin. Well, I go by that name on this blog. Don’t ask me why I won’t reveal my real name, because you’re just wasting your time. But I will share some facts about me, but they won’t be helpful if you’re trying to find out my identity.

I am a 19 year-old sexually confused male. I do not consider myself as gay, I was just very late when it came to the role confusion stage. I like all kinds of music, most especially K-Pop. I’ll talk about it on later posts.

The reason why I set up this blog? So I can stop being so whiny on Facebook. I’ve kept my opinions so open that everyone knows what I feel. So now, I’ve decided to keep things hidden. And random.

Please expect my deepest opinions as you read this blog. I’m pouring out all of my feelings in this blog. To be honest, this is my nth attempt at writing a blog, all under multiple e-mail accounts that are too vague for me to remember. These opinions are about random stuff, it won’t center on my interests. I will be prioritizing social issues and current trends in social media, wherever it may come from. So I assure you that you will not be bored, people.

So, read on. And thank you very much. 🙂