[REVIEW] EXO’s Growl MV (2nd Version)

Nothing short of perfection.

Nothing short of perfection.

Well, I told you before that I am a K-Pop fan. And now I’m doing what most K-Pop bloggers do: WRITE A REVIEW.

To be honest, I do not know how to write a review. So prepare yourself for lots of randomness and a whole lot of WTFs. Since this is just a new blog, I’ll be starting with something new – EXO’s Growl MV (2nd Version) (Korean).

Apologies, but I will not write about the Chinese version because they are technically the same, except for some irrelevant scenes. So here it is, my review for EXO’s Growl MV.

As I watched the whole video first, I can’t help but to become more of a fanboy than a critic (which is what I was supposed to do for this post). I really can’t help but say that EXO’s comebacks (Wolf and Growl) are nothing short of being well-prepared. I guess every EXO stan would agree with me when I say that this was WORTH THE WAIT.

There are some key points in the song that I think SM should take into consideration:

  1. Lengthening Xiumin’s parts. We’ve all heard Xiumin sing. And heck, he can level to both Baekhyun and Chen. So why hold him back?
  2. Lengthening Sehun’s parts. The boy can rap. And his parts in the XOXO album amounts to only 49 seconds, and that doesn’t even include the repackage.
  3. Giving Suho the right parts. Grandma Joonmoney can sing, but is just not assigned to the right parts.
  4. Mixing Lay’s lines properly. Lay’s line during the bridge was autotuned, so it’s kind of hindering his wonderful voice.

Okay, so let’s proceed to the MV itself. The first MV made ovaries explode (don’t deny it) and hearts palpitate. Not much was expected by most fans from the teaser videos, so SM turned things around.

I want to review it by the screencaps I’ve grabbed. But be warned, they suck.

 Dear Jongin, you’re not my bias, but you make me spiral into an unknown pit of emotions. But seriously, you look like a Filipino, dude.

g2 For someone so cute, Xiumin can be so sexy too.

g3 I saw a post like this on Facebook. They said they liked this angle. And I am loving it. If you know what I mean. *evil smile*

g4 Yes, I am a pervert and when I see things like this, my body can’t help but react to it.

g5 I haven’t told you guys this, but I am Baekhyun-biased. So you may see a lot of this guy on my blog. And this screencap is actually one of the reasons why I can’t resist him.

g6Chen said that it didn;t matter to him on how many fans he has, just two was already fine with him. Some people call him ugly or unattractive, but look again people. That is a face that belongs to the Golden Ratio.

“ConjuBaek” – a word play of the movie “The Conjuring” with Beakhyun’s nickname. I would like to go and play Hide and Clap with you, darling.


I’d like to admit that Tao has this charm that nobody can resist. I don’t know how he does it.


This part is to appreciate Xiumin’s singing voice – which is at par with those of the main vocals but the arrangers would like to think otherwise.


My favorite step. This is where synchronization meets coolness.


The part where the camera shifts to another side of the set – this is my eveidence that this comeback was truly well-prepared and not wasted (ehem senior groups).

g12D.O’s red hair just transformed him from adorable kid to hot and suave man.


Perfection. Just perfection. The skin, the face, and take note: HE DID NOT HAVE SURGERY.


The shift from Suho  to Sehun really makes this video a masterpiece. I bet the cameraman was having a really hard time revolving the camera.


The second chorus highlights D.O’s angelic and totally eargasmic voice. No wonder he has a huge following.


I wasn’t really supposed to be appreciating Kris’ god-like features, but what the heck. Plus, this was his SINGING part. At least he defended himself for wanting to be the main vocal.


As I am reviewing this, I would like to say that this part, the bridge, from Chanyeol’s rap to Chen’s high note, is the main highlight for both song and choreography.


This is my favorite part of the song. Luhan’s vocals are just downright heart-melting. Plus look at that muscle.


Although we don;t hear much of Joonmyeon’s voice in this part (he’s obviously background vocal here), his vocals managed to apply balance to Baekhyun and Chen’s vocals.


Chen sleevless + perfect choreography + oozing gayness = DEAD.


The last highlighght of the choreography.


A perfect ending to a perfect music video.

Now, as I am re-reading what I typed in, I noticed that it turned into a spazz/appreciation post rather than that of a review. So here’s where the review of the video comes in. Here are my key points:

  1. For both Wolf and Growl, the focus on Kai was lessened and other members were highlighted. I could say that is very commendable.
  2. There were mistakes, but they were not that much visible and they were able to cope with it. Example: Suho actually stepped on Sehun’s foot (I was unable to capture it) but it isn’t noticeable when you speed it up.
  3. Again, the choreography was well prepared. It’s as if it was given to them last year. (But we all know that it was, right hardcore stans?)
  4. Xiumin’s lack of parts were given justice by his solo shots, and so was Sehun.
  5. It was more on vocals than rap.
  6. Each member was given equal screen time, which added to the kudos points for the MV team.

Over-all, the video was superb, and it had given justice to a year’s wait.

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    • I actually never meant for it to be that way. It was really supposed to be a critical review XD But anyways, can you share it with your friends? I wanna know how they feel regarding my post.

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